2023 IFTJ T-Shirt

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The 2023 Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice shirt features this year's theme, "Boundless and Beloved." Shirts purchased now can be picked up at the 2023 Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice.

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About the ethically-produced shirts:

The Original Dirt to Shirt™

Beginning with the farmer who grows the cotton, every step of the supply chain of the Cotton of the Carolinas shirt happens within 768 miles, where a typical t-shirt can travel 13,000 miles or more! Just scan the QR code in the neck label of your shirt to see where your shirt was every step along the way.

Cotton of the Carolinas Shirt Features

Trackable supply chain:

  • REHANCE™: water-based inks have a no-print feel
  • Garment-dyed: eliminates shrinkage
  • Pad-printed label: no neck tags
  • Private label option: includes tracking
  • Styles Available: Unisex and Women’s
  • Super-soft: made from 5.4 oz ringspun cotton
  • 100% grown and made in North Carolina, USA with a trackable, transparent, and equitable supply chain.