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Just Haiti coffee is delicious, shade-grown, chemical-free, Fair and Direct trade Arabica coffee.  Our Premium Single Origin coffee showcases our growers in Baptiste, Haiti, this is our finest coffee coming out of Haiti. It is a graceful and smooth medium body with notes of cocoa, dried fruit, and hazelnut. NOTES: Cocoa - Dried Fruit – Hazelnut

Just Haiti is a Fair and Direct trade organization. We purchase coffee directly from the grower associations with no intermediary organizations. The up-front price we pay is the higher fair-trade price; then we return all profits from the sale of the coffee directly to the coffee growers and their families. This puts more money in their pockets: $6 of every bag you purchase goes directly to the growers and their families.

You, the consumer, are the most important part of Just Haiti's vision. The decisions you make every day about your purchases can make a fair and dignified income possible for Haiti's coffee growers. When you drink Just Haiti Coffee, you grow justice in Haiti.

Drink Coffee, Grow Justice